American Quartz is maintenance-free, simple to clean and requires no sealing or polishing. In most cases, soap and water with a soft cloth are all that is required to maintain its luster.

American Quartz prides itself on providing our customers with a virtual carefree surface, but all-natural stone surfaces cand be damaged by sudden and excessive heat and abuse. Always be sure to put a trivet under any hot pots, pans, griddles, etc. Before placing them on your countertop.


Items needed:

  • Soft Scrub with bleach already mixed in
  • Green and Yellow sponge
  • Paper Towels
  • Water

Steps to follow:

Get the green and yellow sponge wet

Apply soft scrub on the green side of the sponge

In a circular motion scrub, the area to be cleaned on the counters.

Allow the soiled area to set for 5- 7 minutes

Wet the paper towels

Clean off the area treated thoroughly with the wet paper towels

Wipe the area down with a dry paper towel


You can repeat this process once a week if desired, your countertops will look good as new.